[[ How to Make a Maybler Article or Map]]
ㅇ Writing Menu 
  -To make a simple blog article-
ㅇ You can edit or save a simple article like a blog article
ㅇ Cf. Here we use Summernote editor 
   (Source: http://summernote.org/, MIT licensed)
ㅇ Mapping Menu
  -To make a synaptic map (Synmap)-
ㅇ Editing On a Tree In the Map
  * [Direct editing on a node]
    (1) Clicke "Show editor" button on the top left side of the map
    (2) And then, to change the content in the node, 
        click the 'Pencil' shaped button on the Editor icons line above the node 
        showing automatically when you put the cursor on the node
  * [Deleting a node]: Click 'X' shaped button above the node 
  * [Adding a child node]: Click 'Circled +' shaped button above the node
  * [Looking into a node's content]
    (1) Click 'Eye' shaped button above the node; the button shape changes to 'Eye in darkness' 
    (2) Now, everytime you put the mouse cursor on the node, the content is shown
  * [Cancelling the automating looking into of any node]:  Click the 'Eye in darkness' shaped button
ㅇ Adding an Image To a Node  
  -Method 1:  Copying an image from Web page   
    (1) With your mouse, select the picture from your chosen Web page 
         and get it into mouse buffer by ^C
    (2) If "Show editor" button is shown on the map,  click it
    (3) Click the 'Pencil' shaped button above the chosen node for inserting the image
    (4) And on the chosen location in the node, put the mouse cursor and 
         attach the picture on the node by ^V and move the cusor out of the node 
    (5) Finally, click the "Save" button, and the changed content is saved
  -Method 2: Adding an image link from any Web page
    (1) If you can get the Web address(or URL) of any image on a Web page, 
    (2) You can add the image to the content of a node by 
         putting "/-/IMG:" 
    (3) And the Web address for the image just after that 
         (at the chosen position of the node content) 
         and excluding "http://" or "https://" of the address, if any
  -Method 3:  Adding any picture by uploading it 
    * This method will be supported on the later version of this service           
ㅇ Adding any hyperlink to the node's content  
  - Maybler accepts only real web addresses as any hyperlink to be put into a node 
  - Adding procedure
    (1) Click buttons to edit any node in the tree 
    (2) In the node, after the ending position of the content, 
         put "/-/URL:" for insertion of the hyperlinking 
    (3) After the put string, write the web address for hyperlinking
        (Only write the pure web address without "http://" or "https://", 
         as seen on the web address pane of any web browser)
    (4) Finally, click "Save" button to save and reflect the changes

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